Beverly Neveau
1935 - 1991
Japan, Korea

Beverly Neveau

Bev Neveau was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attended elementary and high school there, and graduated from Marquette University. She started her DoDDS overseas career in Newfoundland in 1968. She transferred to Japan where she was assigned to Sasebo High School(1970-72), then to Kinnick High School in Yokosuka(1972-80). Bev’s final assignment in the Pacific was to Seoul High School, Korea(1980-87), and her final assignment in DoDDS was Frankfurt High School, Germany(1987-89). She was medically retired and returned to Milwaukee where she died on January 7, 1991 after a long, debilitating illness. Bev made many friends, both teachers and students, during her DoDDS years. She is remembered for her joyful, active participation in theater, debates and speech projects.

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