Dr. Anita  Sherrill

Dr. A. Sherrill
Cary 81 Bitburg
Janine 80 H.s.
Theresa 79 Ger.

Dr. Anita Sherrill

Dr. Anita Sherrill

aka: Anita Brazle:Tripoli, Libya in North Africa 1964-67
Anita Raybern: Zaragoza, Spain 1967-75
Anita Limpus: Spangdahlem, Germany 1975-81
Anita Sherrill: Bad Kreuznach, Germany 1981-90
Wiesbaden, Germany 1990-95

I began my overseas teaching at Wheelus Air Base in Tripoli, Libya along the Mediterranean coast. I taught kindergarten classes while learning to scuba dive, play sand golf, square dance and dig in archeological sites. My children, Theresa, Janine and Cary were preschoolers at this time.

My next assignment was Zaragoza AB on the windy Aragon Plateau of northern Spain. I taught second grade and kindergarten while my children attended elementary school. I coached high school sports and worked on my masters degree. We skied in the Pyrenees, swam in the Mediterranean, and enjoyed the castles, mosques and monasteries all over Spain. Spanish cuisine is still our favorite.

I was assigned to Spangdahlem AB in the rugged, rural, western border area of Germany. The children attended middle school and high school in Bitburg. All three graduated from Bitburg High School. Volksmarching is a legacy we retain from the Eifel.

I was transferred to Bad Kreuznach after my children went back to the states to college. I taught first grade and Physical Education while I finished my doctorate in Education. I worked in the outdoor education programs at the Hinterbrand Lodge and the Hessen Hutte. Another legacy I continue to enjoy.

My last assignment was to the Germany Regional Office in Wiesbaden, as a curriculum coordinator for Health, Physical Education, and School Nurses. I traveled widely throughout Europe and the Middle East as schools closed and regional responsibilities became Europe-wide responsibilities. Supporting teachers, administrators and schools was exceptionally fulfilling and hard work.

I retired from DoDDS in 1995 when the Regional Office was being dissolved into the District Superintendents’ offices. I have settled on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest where I continue to teach, ski, hike, volksmarch, square dance and golf. My children are raising their families in the U.S.

Prepared by Anita Sherrill,2001

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