Alta R.  Norris

In Loving Memory Of

alta R. Norris

20 Apr 1937-11 Mar 1995

Ankara, Turkey 1960-61
Lakenheath, Uk 1961-64
Rhein Main, Ger 1964-92

A Caring Teacher And A
Wonderful Loving Wife.

Alta R. Norris

Alta R. Norris

Alta was born on 29 April 1937. She grew up in Foster, RI, a small country town. She was the fourth of six children, and her father died when she was still very young. Her elementary education was in a one-room school house. It was in this one-room, one-teacher school that she first dreamed of one day becoming a teacher.

Living in the country, Alta loved nature which was all around her. She loved the birds and flowers, and her family raised honey bees.

After graduating from high school Alta attended the Rhode Island College of Education, where she received her Ed.B degree. She taught 2 years in Providence, RI and then applied for an overseas teaching position. She was accepted and in August of 1960 she was off to Ankara, Turkey.

Alta taught one year at Ankara Elementary School and then transferred to Lakenheath, England where she taught fifth grade. She remained in England for three years. During this time she met and married Fred Norris who was teaching at Lakenheath High School. In 1964 she and Fred transferred to Rhein Main, Germany, where she taught fifth grade at Rhein Main’s Halvorsen Elementary School for 28 years. Alta retired on 1 July 1992, having taught with DoDDS for 32 years.

While in Germany Alta attended the University of Southern California School of Education and received her Master of Science in Education on 2 Sept. ’72. She traveled extensively.

Returning to the US in the summer of 1992, Alta and Fred bought a new house in Keene, NH, looking forward to a long and happy retirement. Only two years had passed when Alta was told that she had cancer and would have less than a year to live. She passed away on 11 March 1995.

Alta was an outstanding teacher. She loved her students and they loved her.

Alta was also a loving wife and a giving person. She was always ready to help wherever help was needed. Her death was a terrible loss to her husband and all of her family and friends.

May God bless her.

Prepared by Fred Norris

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