Allyn Wells Smart

January 1, 1970 - February 16, 2014

Allyn was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and received her RN degree from the University of Iowa. She then joined husband Bill in Japan, Hawaii and Maryland. Following his time in the military, Bill and Allyn moved to Mallorca, Spain in 1960 and remained there for two years with their sons Kirk and Robb. After a third child, Rebekah, was born, they relocated to Germany and continued to explore Europe as a family; all three children attended DoDDS schools.

After working as a full time homemaker for a number of years, Allyn began her DoDDS teaching career as a school nurse in Stuttgart, Germany, While there, she obtained a master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling.

In 1974, she transferred to Aviano, Italy, as a school nurse at both the primary and secondary levels. For the next twenty years, she made a beautiful home in Italy, forged a strong professional and persoonal life, and enjoyed cooking and entertaining. She continue to travel extensively thoughout Europe and also visited Africa and Asia.

Allyn retired in 1995 and moved to Sarasota, Florida, living among good friends, many of whom she had known overseas. She was known for her independent spirit, her love of travel, good food, books, opera, classical music and dogs. She was an advocate for women’s rights, and a much-loved mother, partner, friend, colleague and neighbor.

(Submitted by Margot Eckes)

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