Alice L. Duggins

Alice L Duggins

Beloved Friend

Alice L. Duggins

November 14, 1938 - September 12, 2008

As was said in her obituary, Alice was most recently of Sarasota, Florida – and the world.

After a brief teaching start in Pueblo, Colorado, Alice was with DoDDS in Germany, Turkey, Okinawa, Korea, and England, either as a teacher or a media specialist. Who will ever forget Alice driving the bookmobile, a huge truck, around Sarasota County, or her co-hosted Christmas galas for a cast of hundreds? Alice collected – everything from recipes, to clothing, to paper weights. A true, happy-to-be shopaholic. Her generally upbeat spirit in the face of multiple physically debilitating illnesses in recent years endeared her to friends and family.

She believed in quality of life rather than mere longevity. She left us when she was ready. She left her mark and will be missed.

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