A. Margaret  Palmer

Margaret Palmer

Aoshs Board
2002 - 2008

A. Margaret Palmer

Margaret is a retired Computer Consultant with extensive experience in a variety of industries engaging in several computer disciplines. The industries range from the financial (Merrill Lynch, TIAA/CREF, JP Morgan/Chase), media (New York Times) to governmental (US Department of Defense, New York City Agencies, United Nations). She has a B.A. in Political Science/History and is a past president of the New York City Alumni Chapter of her alma mater. In addition, she received an Alumni Service Award from the university. Upon retirement she settled in her home state.
Margaret started her school experience with the American Overseas Schools at the Vienna, Austria Community School. Her involvement with AOSHS came as a result of information supplied by a long time friend who is a former educator. Interest in the organization increased with articles she wrote for BRATS, the selection of items to donate to AOSHS and her interest in the period of history represented by AOSHS.

Margaret served on the AOSHS Board from 2002 to 2008.

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