Charlayne Hunter-Gault –Journalist. Noted journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gualt grew up as a military brat as reported in her 1992 autobiography “My Place” and the Washington Press Club Foundation Women in Journalism oral history project:

Hunter-Gualt’s awards include two Emmys and two Peabody awards.  She spent 20 years as the national correspondent for the McNeil-Leherer on PBS.  Additionally, she worked as a reporter for The New Yorker and The New York Times, Hunter-Gault has published articles in The New York Times Magazine, Saturday Review, The New York Times Book Review, Essence and Vogue.

Charlayne Hunter-Gault is CNN’s Johannesburg bureau chief and correspondent. Hunter-Gault joined CNN in April 1999 from National Public Radio, where she worked as the network’s chief correspondent in Africa.

Hunter-Gualt  made civil rights history as the first African American  woman  to graduate from the University of Georgia in 1962.


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