Curundu ES History

Opened: 1967
Closed: 1999

Curundu Elementary School was located on the United States Army Post of Fort Clayton. The elementary school was a single-story air-conditioned building completed in 1968. During the 1980’s the school was remodeled inside to include carpeting, lowered ceilings, new lighting, security lighting and security bars, outside doors for each classroom, and new furniture. Outside picnic tables were provided for students. Two mobile units were added for use as a music room and a book storage room.

The enrollment of Curundu Elementary School peaked in the mid-1980’s at 923 and decreased to 421 students by January 1990. The enrollment reflected an ethnic balance of one third Hispanics, one third African American and one third Caucasian with approximately 2% of Asian descent.

In 1981 a staff of 43 teachers for 844 students gave a teacher-student ratio of 1 teacher to every 18 students. By January 1990, the ratio was 1 teacher to every 9.5 students, with 35 teachers for 421 students.

Curundu Elementary School sponsored a music program, an art exhibition, and a science fair annually. The after-school program offered activities such as enrichment art, Spanish, computers, mathematics, Panamanian dances, and an astronaut program which was a charter member of the President’s Astronaut Program for Young People. The parents and community members were involved in school sports activities such as field day.

Source: Schooling in the Panama Canal Zone 1904-1976, DoDDS Panama 1979-1989

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