Borinquen Base School History

Opened: 1946
Closed: 1948

Borinquen Base School was opened for the first time since World War II on September 9, 1946. Sixty-one students attended classes in grades one through nine. Borinquen Base School, established under the Antilles Department, operated under the policies of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. Financing was obtained from the Department, the Post Central Welfare Fund, tuition, and benefits sponsored by various base organizations.

The faculty consisted of three elementary and three junior high teachers under principal, Mrs. Florence Fanning. Colonel S. H. Watkins, the base executive officer, served as president of the board of Governors. Lieutenant W. R. Hale served as School Officer. In spite of many problems confronting the school officials during 1946-1947, rapid strides were made toward re-establishing an elementary curriculum comparable to that of stateside schools. The junior high, following the standards of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, was accredited in 1946. During this year an Honor Roll system and a newspaper, the School Journal, were started. By September 1947, as a result of the considerable increase in number of personnel on the base, school opened with ninety-six students enrolled in grades one through six, and thirty-one in grades seven through twelve. Lieutenant E. G. Reed became the new School Officer. Financial support remained the same with most of the funds being raised locally. Music and art were added to the curriculum for all grades. In the high school, the industrial arts program was expanded. The home economics department “kept house” in a “cracker box” across from the main school building. Spanish was added to the curriculum this year. A Student Council and a Safety Patrol were organized. In April, 1948, the name of the school was changed to Ramey School for Dependents after the base was renamed. One student graduated from the high school in 1948.

Information from yearbooks

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