Roosevelt Roads HS History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 2004

Roosevelt Roads High School was separate from the elementary school in 1957. The school yearbook was the Panther. Prior to 1957 high school students took correspondence courses. The school was part of the Antilles Consolidated Schools from 1952 until the school moved to the “120 Housing” area in renovated barracks in the Bundy Area, across from Mariposa Chalet. In the 1955 district yearbook, there are sixteen students pictured for grades seven through ten. When the elementary school was opened in 1961, grades seven through twelve remained in the Bundy Area. In 1964 Mr. Ron Howard became principal for the Roosevelt Roads Schools. Due to the increased enrollment, the fifth and sixth grades moved back to the Bundy area. As there wasn’t a lunchroom facility suitable for the middle schoolers, it was necessary for them to take a bus from Bundy to the elementary school and back each day. In 1967, a new building for Roosevelt Roads High School was opened. It was the first air-conditioned building in the area. In July of that year, Mr. Dennis Smith became principal of grades four through twelve. Mr. Paul Lane was the assistant principal. Grades four through six remained at Bundy and continued to take daily bus rides for lunch. In 1968, the middle school portion of the high school was air-conditioned. In 1974 Roosevelt Roads High School was now called Roosevelt Roads Middle/High School. In 1978, the fourth grade moved to the elementary school.

In the 1980’s the yearbooks showed that the school had several extracurricular activities for students. For school year 1981-82 these activities included National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, synchronized swimming club, photo club, Der Futzbol Club, drama, choir, band, yearbook and the newspaper. School competitive sports included football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, tennis and golf for boys. Girls participated in volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis and cheerleading. The next year boys’ volleyball was added. There were coed cross country, swimming and horseback riding teams.

In the nineties, there were separate middle school and high school yearbooks for a few years. By 2000-2001 there was only one yearbook again. The last school year 2003-2004, indoor school was added as a sport and the instrumental band program included three levels of band and a jazz-rock group.

The school closed in 2004.

Information from yearbooks

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