Roosevelt Roads ES History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 2004

Roosevelt Roads Elementary School was originally part of the Roosevelt Roads School. During the 1954-55 school year there were fifty-three students in grades one through six. In 1957 the Roosevelt Roads Schools were moved from the “120 Housing” area to renovated barracks in the Bundy area, across from the Mariposa Chalet. Mr. Baxter Stinson became principal and the school was operated as an Elementary School and a High School. In 1961 Roosevelt Roads Elementary School opened for grades K-6 and the All School Meeting for the Antilles Consolidated Schools was held in the new building. The building was then used for the Roosevelt Roads Middle School. In January 1968 a new Elementary School opened and grades K-3 finally had a permanent home. The fourth grade moved from the Middle/High School to the elementary school in 1978. In the nineties the elementary school had grades kindergarten through six. The school closed in 2004.

Information from yearbooks

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