Ramey School for Dependents (a.k.a. Ramey Base School) History

Opened: 1948
Closed: 1957

The Ramey School for Dependents was formerly the Borinquen Base School.

In 1948-1949, one hundred thirty-nine students in the first six grades, and thirty-three in grades seven through twelve were greeted by fourteen teachers on September 13, 1948. Colonel R. L. Sliker was president of the Board of Governors, and Lieutenant P. S. Brengle, was the Schools Officer. Both appropriated and non-appropriated funds were used for financial support. Shorthand, typing, general business, physics, algebra II, trigonometry, journalism, and public speaking were added to the high school course of study. Another building was taken for use by Grade 1. A science laboratory was installed in the main building. Basketball and softball games were played with Aguadilla. An annual, the Ramey E, was written, mimeographed, and bound by the journalism class under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Suter. English instructor. Five boys and three girls graduated from the senior high school in June, 1949.

In 1949-1950, the school enrollment was small and dwindled throughout the year as a reduction of base personnel had occurred. The faculty consisted of six teachers. The school was supported by appropriated funds. Since there were only nine students in grades nine through twelve, a high school program was not offered. Correspondence courses from the University of Nebraska were supervised by Mrs. Evelyn Gilliland. Two girls graduated from senior high.

In 1950 SAC came to Ramey and with it an influx of personnel. One hundred fifty-nine pupils in grades one through six, and twenty-seven high school students were called to order by eleven teachers on September 5, 1950. The high school was re-established, but because of the small enrollment, only a standard academic course was offered. Three girls and one boy were graduated from high school.

On September 10. 1951, four hundred forty-four students entered the school, newly renovated and redecorated in attractive colors. Twenty-five teachers made up the faculty with Capt. R. A. Downing as acting principal. Spanish was offered in grades seven through twelve and typing classes were returned to the curriculum. In January, 1952, the school was visited by representatives from the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. As a result of the inspection the school was accredited April, 1952. That year five students graduated from high school. In early 1951, under the direction of Colonel Charles S. Overstreet, who was Base Commander, a survey was made to project the facilities which would be needed to house the school children of this base. As a result of this survey, a request was made to the Office of Education for the construction of a new school building under the provisions of Public Law 815, 81st Congress. After some revision, the request was granted and the construction authorized and assigned. The contract was awarded to Mr. Frank R. Arelland of San Juan at an approximate cost of $600,000. Ground was broken for the construction in January, 1952. On September 22, 1952, forty classrooms were completed and the 1952-1953 term began with 591 students and 32 teachers. For the first full-time an athletic coach was employed. Also, during this year, an exchange program was made for students and faculty with San German, Isabela, Mayaguez, and Aguadilla. The new building was dedicated and five seniors graduated at the combined Graduation-Dedication on June 4, 1953.

September 8, 1953, the school opened with 840 students and 38 teachers, an increased enrollment of 70%. For better protection of the children, a Safety Patrol was organized. The first Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet was held and was a great success. Stronger relations were established with neighboring schools through a visit to San German, and visits from Isabela, San Sebastian, Mayaguez and Colegio San Jose from San German. For the first time Ramey won a local championship, defeating Lares High School, 37-36, in the finals of the basketball tournament at Isabela. The graduating class of eight received diplomas on May 27, 1954.

During the 1954-55 school, many improvements were made to the Ramsey Base School. New cement walks were laid, drinking fountains were installed, a new asphalt floor was laid in the auditorium, three new classrooms were made available and over 200 new desks were added. Eight seniors graduated from Ramsey Base School that year.

Information from yearbooks

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