Goose ES History

Opened: 1968
Closed: 1976

After the secondary part of the dependents school burnt down in 1967 and the new high school was opened in 1968, the dependents school became an elementary school for grades kindergarten through six.

Mr. Dean Brown became the principal in 1967.

The first kindergarten classes were added for school year 1969-1970. In 1970-71 there were forty-eight elementary teachers that represented thirty-five states and two Canadian provinces. The staff included nine specialists. There were five classes for kindergarten through third grade and four sections of grades four through six.

In the 1970-71 school year, there were thirteen specialists on the elementary faculty. These included specialists for physical education, guidance, music, reading, speech, host nation, art, school nurse and a school psychologist.

The next school year Mr. Burke Adams became the school principal.

The school enrollment showed a sharp decline for the 1974-75 school year. There were only twenty-six faculty members. There were two classes for kindergarten and first grade, one second grade, a two/three combination class, one third grade and one class for fourth, fifth and sixth grade.

The school closed in 1976.

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