Goose HS History

Opened: 1968
Closed: 1976

Goose High School was opened for the 1968-69 school year. The high school was previously part of the dependents’ school. The wooden structure that housed the secondary school was burnt down in 1967. New construction was begun in August 1967 and the school began to move into its new separate building eleven months later. The original two-story wooden school building was razed in November 1968. A picture of the new school building can be found in the 1968-69 yearbook.

Mr. Allen Currey, principal, and Ms. Bette Bugni, vice principal, were the new administrators at the high school. Charles Johnson who had been the dependents’ school principal became the school superintendent. There were approximately three hundred sixty students enrolled in grades seven through twelve with about 100 students in the seventh grade and nineteen seniors.

The student council revised the dress code and boys could wear jeans and girls could wear slacks for the first time.

Flag Football was added to the sports schedule with five teams participating. The volleyball team won the base tournament. A new audio-visual club was added.

During the 1969-70 school year, the students presented four plays and a math club was formed. A senior class play and school variety show became traditions for the school.

New curriculum additions for the 1970-71 school year included two journalism classes, a work-study program, language labs and a special education program. The school also had co-ed physical education classes for the first time. The school newspaper became a monthly new magazine. The faculty had twenty-five individuals that represented seventeen different states.

By the 1974-75 school year the school enrollment was only 230 students. There were only eleven seniors and the seventh grade had less than fifty students.

The school closed in 1976.

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