Chester Nimitz ES History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 1980

Chester W. Nimitz Elementary School was located in the Bahamas. The school was located on the US Navy Base, Eleuthera and was named for Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. Admiral Nimitz was a fleet admiral of the United States Navy. He played a major role in the history of WWII as the Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet and Commander in Chief, Pacific Areas, commanding Allied air, land and seas forces during the war. He was also the leading US Navy authority on submarines.

Chester W. Nimitz School was housed in a huge building which was originally a MISTRAM (Missile Trajectory Measurement) site.

For the 1976-77 school year, there were three teachers for the school. The headteacher was Janice Coen. Each teacher taught a multi-age class. The primary class had grades kindergarten through two.

exterior photo of Chester Nimitz Elementary School

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