Rimini ES History

Opened: 1966
Closed: 1993

Rimini Elementary School opened in a barrack at Villaggio Azzurro, an Italian Air Force Residence Area. The area can be found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy.

In September 1966, Joe and Mary Pellerito opened the K-6 school in Rimini. Mrs. Pellerito taught a kindergarten through fourth grade and M. Pellerito taught fifth through eighth grade. A local national served as secretary, host nation teacher, librarian and supply person.

A new school was opened in 1970 and remained as the facility until the school closed. This school was located on the way to the Republic of San Marino. The military left the Rimini airport in 1993 and the school was closed.

Information provided by Maria Bruzziches, teacher

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