Narsarssuak ES History

Opened: 1949
Closed: 1957

Narsarssuak Elementary School was located on Narsarsuaq Air Base, formerly known as Bluie West One, in Narsarsuaq, Greenland. The Air Base was built on a glacial moraine—the accumulation of dirt and rock previously carried along by the glacier—near the southern tip of Greenland.

The school served children in grades one through eight and there was also a kindergarten on the base. The Base School was operated on the standards set up by the New York Board of Education. According to the 1951 Guide to Narsarssuak, children would receive a well-rounded education and “will receive much more personal attention from the teachers than he would probably in his own home town.” During recess, the children had access to a large playground with park-type equipment. The students were transported to and from the school by bus.

High school correspondence courses were available to older students.

The school closed in 1957 when the base was turned over to the Danish government of Greenland.


Information provided by Ole Guldager from the Narsarsuaq Museum

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