Woodbridge ES History

Opened: 1959
Closed: 1993

Woodbridge Base was the sister base to Bentwaters Base. The Woodbridge American Elementary School was located near the town of Woodbridge in rural Suffolk, England.

The elementary school, grades kindergarten through six, was housed in a modern, two-story building and three school-designed buildings, including a multi-purpose room for physical education and other activities. There were 1,000 students in grades K–6 for the 1981-82 school year. A new million-dollar resource was completed during the 1987-88 school year.

The elementary school had a partial complement of resource teachers, such as learning disabilities teacher, reading improvement specialist, music, art and a school nurse.

In 1989-90 the school had 1,050 students. The school administrators were Dr. Thomas Cavanaugh, principal, Ms. Jennifer Rowland and Ms. Connie Nimis, assistant principals. There were more than sixty staff members. In addition to the thirty-six classrooms, there were many special classes such as computers, library, TAG, host nation, physical education, art, music, health and special education. Ms. Sharon Freed was the principal for the 1991-92 school year with Ms. Debbie Riley and Ms. Nimis as her assistant principals.

The school closed in 1993.


Information from DoDDS School Information Guides

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