Upper Heyford ES History

Opened: 1966
Closed: 1993

The Upper Heyford schools were in Oxfordshire about twelve miles north of Oxford, England and seventy miles west of London, England.

The elementary school plant consisted of thirty buildings that were a former troop barracks. Eight of the buildings were extended and divided in half to increase the number of available classrooms. There was a gymnasium and library within the complex. Programs for exceptional students were concentrated in a four-teacher unit that included the learning disabilities teacher, a reading improvement specialist and a nurse.

There were 300 pupils in grades kindergarten through five for the 1981-82 school year. By the 1988-89 school year there were 500 students in grades kindergarten through four.

School administrators in the eighties and nineties included Ray Smith, Fred Rice and Jane Francis. The school configuration changed several times. It was originally a K–6 school, then became a K–5 school and the final configuration was PreK through four. Some years there were as many as six classes for kindergarten and first grade. When the school closed in 1993 there were twenty classroom teachers and a total faculty and support staff of forty-eight.


Information from school yearbooks and the DoDDS School Information Guides

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