Menwith Hill ES/HS (formerly Harrogate American School, K–8) History

Opened: 1972
Closed: 2015

Menwith Hill Elementary/High school was originally known as Harrogate American School. Harrogate American School was located at Menwith Hill Station about seven miles from the city of Harrogate.

The school was originally opened in 1972. It was composed of converted barracks and four porta-cabins. As well as classrooms, the facility consisted of a library, audio/visual room, lunchroom, kitchen, primary playground, woodworking shop, science laboratory, sick room, two staff rooms plus the offices and storage rooms. Students used play areas adjacent to the school, the base gymnasium and the Harrogate swimming pool for physical education classes. The school was renovated and expanded in 1985 and added to in 1993. The facility then included ten classrooms, media center and multipurpose room.

The enrollment for the school was between 100 and 150 students in grades kindergarten through eight. In the 1988-89 school year the ninth grade was included. Normally, there were five to seven teachers, a principal, and a learning disabilities teacher. Most classes were combination classes. French was a curriculum offering during the mid-nineties.


Information from school yearbooks and DoDDS School Information Guides

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