William F. Halsey ES/MS (aka Edzell ES) History

Opened: 1960
Closed: 1997

The W. F. Halsey American Elementary School, a.k.a. Edzell Elementary School, was located at the edge of the base housing at RAF Edzell, Scotland. The base was leased to the U.S. Navy in 1960 and the Americans left the facility in 1997.

The modern school building had nine classrooms, Learning Resource Center, audio-visual room, conference room, multi-purpose room with a stage and reception/office area. All the classrooms had sinks and storage areas and half had room dividers. The school did not have a cafeteria so the students brought lunch to school. The outside grounds were spacious with a huge nature reserve on the grounds.

The staff for school year 1981-82 included seven classroom teachers, host nation/librarian, assistant principal, education program manager, secretary, supply clerk and custodian. The organization for kindergarten through fourth grade was multi-grade combination classes with cooperative teaching groups in the basic skills. Grades five through eight were multi-grade combination classes with semi-departmentalization. There weren’t any specialists assigned to the school. This year the school had 124 pupils in grades kindergarten through eight.

By the 1988-89, 89-90 school year there were 152 pupils in grades K–8.

In 1993-94 the school building had thirteen classrooms, a library, conference room, a multipurpose room with stage, and a reception/office area. The staff consisted of a half-time kindergarten teacher, five elementary teachers, a middle school English/social studies teacher, a math/TAG teacher, a librarian/English teacher, a special education teacher, a host nation teacher, a part-time counselor/compensatory education teacher, physical education teacher, a music teacher and a health aide. The administrative staff included a principal, secretary and supply clerk. Grades K–5 were self-contained and grades 6–8 were organized as a middle school with a departmentalized structure. There were 220 students enrolled.

The enrollment remained constant until the school closed in 1997.


Information from DoDDS School Information Guides

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