Little Rissington ES History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 1993

Little Rissington American Elementary School was opened in 1981 and the first year there were 225 students in grades kindergarten through five with a staff of ten.

The school was in a fine Georgian building which had been renovated for use as a school. That first year there were six classrooms, a library and a large multi-purpose room. Additionally, the school had administrative offices and supply rooms. More classroom renovation was planned for the future. The renovations were completed for the 1987-88 school year. That year the school had grades kindergarten through eight with an enrollment of 180 students and a staff of ten.

By the 1989-90 school year there were six teachers at the school for 130 pupils in grades kindergarten through six.

The school closed in 1993.


Information from yearbooks and DoDDS School Information Guides

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