Lakenheath ES History

Opened: 1957

Lakenheath American Elementary school is located in the housing area of RAF Lakenheath. The current Lakenheath Elementary School opened its doors in 1969 as a K–6 elementary school. Several years later, 1973, after the adoption of the middle level concept at the Lakenheath Middle School, Lakenheath Elementary School (LES) became a K–5 elementary school. Lakenheath Elementary School piloted one of the first Sure Start programs in DoDEA, implemented the PSCD program and supported the transition of grades four and five to the new Liberty Intermediate School. Currently, Lakenheath Elementary School is a PreK through three school.

For the 1981-82 school year, there were 1,529 students kindergarten through fifth grade. The building included fifty-six rooms, a gymnasium, library, audio-visual center and a large cafeteria. In addition to the classroom teachers and three administrators, the staff included counselors, special education teachers, learning disabilities teachers, reading improvement specialists, host nation teachers and a school nurse.

By 1988-89 the school was accredited by NCA. There were 1,439 students in grades K–5 with fifty classroom teachers and four administrators. The next year the student enrollment had increased to approximately 1,500 students and there were three administrators. During the mid-nineties, the enrollment rose to about 1,700 students with fifty-eight classroom teachers and four administrators.

The school is currently open.


Information from the school website and DoDDS School Information Guides

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