Greenham Common ES/HS History

Opened: 1988
Closed: 1991

Greenham Common students moved into a new school complex in August 1988. The new school housed students in grades K–12 with 98,000 square feet. The building was designed for 823 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade with an appropriate staffing of thirty-five teachers plus administrative staff. All classrooms were self-contained. A librarian, host nation teacher, learning disabilities teachers, compensatory education aide, kindergarten aides, and counselor augmented the classroom staff.

The school mascot was the Cobra, the newspaper was the Silver and Black Gazette and the yearbook was The Fang. The school yearbooks only highlighted grades seven through twelve.

The first graduating class of the school was June 1989 with forty-three seniors. The middle school was structured using the middle school concept. The elementary school was self-contained. For the 1988-89 school year there were approximately 300 students in grades nine through twelve with the same number of students in the elementary school. The enrollment remained consistent until the school’s closing in 1991. The final year the principal was Tom Price and the two assistants were Carol Kreger and Alex Slatem.

The high school had a full academic, sport and activity program even though the complex was a unit school. School sports included football, wrestling, girls’ volleyball, cheerleaders, dance team, cross country, basketball, track and tennis. The tennis team was number one in the UK for the 1989 season and in 1990 the football team was undefeated. An active music program which included bands and a choir enhanced the school’s programs.

Extracurricular activities included student council, National Honor Society, yearbook, newspaper, and clubs for drama, debate and languages. A unique club for the school was the Lifesavers Club which was established as a means of helping students deal with problems faced daily such as: drugs and alcohol, suicide, self-concept, coping and peer and family relationships. The philosophy of Lifesavers was to provide skilled listeners within the school community so students would receive the help they needed in a positive way.

The unit school was closed in 1991.



Information from school yearbooks and the DoDDS School Information Guide

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