Fairford ES History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 1994

Fairford American Elementary School was located in Cotswold Region of England on RAF Fairford. The base was located seven miles east of Cirencester and was about sixty miles from London.

The school was located in converted barracks buildings and serviced grades K-8. For the 1981-82 school year, there was an enrollment of two hundred students. The staff consisted of nine classroom teachers, one principal, one half-time counselor, one learning disabilities teacher, a half-time speech therapist, one media specialist and support staff.

According to the 1990 yearbook, Falcon Express, there were 200 students in grades K–8 with nine classroom teachers and thirteen specialists. Extracurricular programs included student council, science club, chorus, gymnastics, instrumental music and Junior Great Books. The principal was Kimball Spence.

The school closed in 1994.


Information from school yearbooks and the DoDDS School Information Guide

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