Croughton American School History

Opened: 1993
Closed: 2020

Croughton American School was the designation for the unification of the elementary, middle and high schools in Croughton. The school supported the military community of RAF Upper Heyford/RAF Croughton. Croughton American School was PreK–12 and the facility was the previous elementary and middle schools. The elementary section of the school was located in the south wing, while the secondary section was on the north end. The library and cafeteria were located in the center. A separate building housed the gymnasium, which was located on the school compound. About fifty percent of the graduates went on to college.

For the 1994-95 school year there were 320 students in prekindergarten through twelfth grade. Dr. Emma Siegel was the principal and Ms. J. Francis was assistant principal and kindergarten teacher. There were about 140 students in grades six through twelve with six seniors and about 180 students in the elementary grades including prekindergarten.

Croughton American School had a comprehensive program with interdisciplinary teams, a large number of specialists for academic and vocational areas, and a full extracurricular program.


Information from school yearbooks and the DoDDS School Information Guide

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