Chelveston ES (formerly Carwell ES) History

Opened: 1955
Closed: 1983

The school and housing area at RAF Chelveston was located twenty-five miles from RAF Alconbury, the main location of the three-school complex, of which Chelveston was the smallest. The school was formerly known as Carwell American Elementary School.

The elementary school was of modern design with four main rooms containing two classrooms, a multipurpose room and a Learning Resource Center. There was a black-topped play area with swings and other recreation equipment as well as a large grassy area suitable for baseball or soccer. Since the school was located in the housing area, all students walked to school.

The school staff consisted of one teacher, a secretary, a custodian and a teaching principal. The enrollment for grades kindergarten through sixth grade was less than thirty students. Classroom organization was grades kindergarten through three and grades four through six. The physical education program centered around a swimming program for grades 1–6. The school had the use of a local indoor swimming pool and a British swimming instructor.


Information from the DoDDS School Information guide

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