Burtonwood ES History

Opened: 1949
Closed: 1977

Burtonwood Elementary School was established in 1949 through the combined efforts of the local air base and the Burtonwood Parent Teachers’ Association who raised funds for the textbooks at a Fourth of July carnival. One building housed the elementary classes in the only Air Force school in Area 1.

In 1957 there were 614 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. There were twenty teaching staff for the elementary school. The classrooms bulged and the enrollment for the elementary and high school exceed eight hundred.

During the 1957-58 school year, more spacious buildings located in another area of the air base were expected to be available for use. On September 9, 1957, students entered the new buildings, which were described as “an enchanted world with a color scheme of lemon yellow, light green, salmon pink, cream and the pale blue of a summer”. Over the first decade of the school more than ten thousand elementary and high school pupils attended the school.

The school closed in 1977.


Information from the 1957 Vapor Trails combined yearbook

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