Verdun ES History

Opened: 1950
Closed: 1967

This history is from the first yearbook, Les Verdunois, which was published at Verdun American Elementary School in 1955.

In 1950, the base building used as the dispensary was designated as the first Verdun American School. The school year ended with thirty-two students enrolled. The school was moved for the 1951-52 school year to building 107. The building had two additional rooms added. By the next school year, the enrollment had increased, the entire building was used as well as an additional newly constructed prefab building. There were three teachers and a teacher-principal for the one hundred fifty students.

School year 1953-54 could be called the year of the deluge. The school opened with five teachers, one teacher-principal and two hundred ten students. By June of that school year, there were three hundred twenty students and a staff of thirteen.

By 1955, the school had seven buildings. There were fifteen American teachers and two French teachers. The enrollment had reached four hundred twenty. The principal was Richard Dershimer. The school yearbook was dedicated to Katherine George, an eighth grade teacher. That year, the ninth grade was added to the school and anyone in grades ten through twelve attended Kaiserslautern American High School in Germany.

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