Poitiers HS History

Opened: 1958
Closed: 1966

Poitiers American High Schools opened in September, 1958. Students came from as far south as Captieuz, near the Spanish border, and as far north as Saint Nazaire.These students stayed in the dorms at Poitiers. The school had grades 7 through 12.

According to the first yearbook, “The building was originally designed as a hospital; but the spacious halls and rooms provided a splendid place for many teenagers who, the year before, found the high schools of Rochefort and Chateauroux too cramped for their number”.

The student yearbook recognized the changes faced by the faculty, including “the sudden change of country, change of student body, and change of school.” All but three faculty members were completely new to teaching overseas.

There were 30 seniors the first year of the school. Each class sponsored activities and fundraisers throughout the year. The seniors raised money for their class trip to London. School sports included football, soccer and basketball for men. Women were cheerleaders and majorettes. School activities included the Pep Club, student council, vocal music, photography, stamp club, radio club, Future Homemakers, Teachers and Nurses of America, Junior Red Cross, art, drama and chess clubs. The school had a yearbook, Memoirs, and a school newspaper, The Panthers. The newspaper was printed bi-weekly. Dorm students were kept busy with numerous activities in the recreation hall.

The school closed in 1966 when American troops were withdrawn from France.

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