La Chapelle ES History

Opened: 1952
Closed: 1967

La Chapelle American Elementary School was located on the hospital campus along the river in Orleans, France in north-central France about 120 kilometers southwest of Paris. The school, which was the first in Orleans, opened in 1952 as a grade one through eight school. For the 1954- 55 school year, due to a new school being built Maison Fort, the school only had grades one through six. The enrollment for the school was over 650 students. For school year 1959-60, the configuration of the school changed. According to the weekly Orleans Command newspaper, the school at La Capelle only housed students grade K–4 who resided in the housing area and along the bus routes in the immediate area of the school. Ray Dangaman, a student at the school, remembered planting a tree for Arbor Day.


Information from Dependent Schools in Germany and France, 1954 and military internet sites

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