Evreux-Fauville American Family School History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1966

Evreux-Fauville American Family School was originally located in a barracks. The NCO Club was downstairs, the base library was upstairs, and the airmen’s quarters were down the hall. The school opened in 1954 with just two teachers for the twenty students in grades one through eight. From January 1954 to April 1954, the forty-five students in the school attended school on the neighboring base of Dreux. By September 1955, the base had grown, and ten more teachers were added to the staff.

The school was located very close to the runway with arriving and departing jets affecting the school. The 1957 Vapor Trails yearbook stated the daily occurrences included flickering lights, dry water taps and cement and tool-carrying Frenchmen in the school hallways.

For school year 1955-56 the school moved again, into its final location, another converted barracks. However, this time the building was solely for school use. There were now 220 students enrolled. The yearbook further reported that “Coats and boots made up for heat, hot water, and electricity during Europe’s coldest winter in eighty years.” This school year there were six returning teachers and seventeen new teachers.

The next school year 470 students were enrolled with seventy-four in the newly formed junior high; the ninth grade was now part of the school. The principal was Mr. Raymond Kaseski. The junior high staff totaled six teachers. The school was continuing to increase in enrollment and staff.

The school mascot was the Norman Knight.

The school was closed in 1966 when the American forces were removed from France.


Information from the 1957 Vapor Trails combined yearbook

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