Châteauroux HS (a.k.a. Chad HS) History

Opened: 1950
Closed: 1966

According to the 1959 school yearbook, Chateauroux High School was located in the heart of Chateaux country and was only two hours from Paris by train. The yearbook stated that “the true essence of France is revealed most completely in the city of Paris. In Paris one can sit in a sidewalk café and be part of the sophistication of the city.” Students felt that the color and vitality of Paris was the spirit they hoped to reproduce at their school.

The 1957-58 Chateauroux High Yearbook stated:

Six years ago [1952-53] fifty students started school in a chateau. That was the beginning of our school, Chateauroux High. The present N. C. O. Club served as the school building the second year. Busses were used to transport the students to lunch and back. The dorm students lived in the present dorm and ate at the Officers’ Club.

The school year, 1954-55, brought many changes. The school now had permanent school buildings. In these three buildings were housed the entire high school and the elementary school. When the school’s enrollment mushroomed to one hundred the following spring [1955-56], conditions became quite crowded in the small space. So, the elementary school moved out. The dorm had also grown from fifteen to thirty-five, with students coming from seven bases.

Up to this point, the school had functioned as well as it could, despite drawbacks. There were clubs, sports, a student government, and other activities common to all schools. But then the Sabres started slashing away to make themselves more than just ordinary. At the end of the year, the school could boast of being the football champions of France and Class B [USAREUR] basketball champs.

This last year, 55-56, was also a good year. The school was the football co-champs, students published one of the first printed school papers in all of France, C’est la Vie, and students felt they had better school facilities and more school spirit. Most importantly to the students, they felt they made Chateauroux High a place to be proud of. The yearbook stated, “We won’t be around six years from now, but we hope that Chateauroux High continues to make the kind of progress that will make its students proud”.

The school dorm was closed in 1958 and this allowed for increased space to add a girls’ dressing and shower room. Additionally, the shop facilities were enlarged. The science department added the “Hall of Science”.

By the 1960-61 school year, the school was a sprawling campus of five major buildings and 516 students and had 52 seniors.

The school mascot was the Sabre and the school colors were red and white.

Chateauroux American High School graduated its last class in the spring of 1966.

School photos are in the 1955 and 1958 yearbooks.

Information from school yearbooks

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