Sevilla HS History

Opened: January 1959
Closed: 1972

Seville American High School was originally part of Seville Dependents School. Its original name was Washington Irving School after an American writer who had been an American ambassador to Spain. After one year, the school was renamed Seville School and then Seville High School. There were several school locations (see the Seville Dependents School History) before the school moved to its final location in San Pablo. The 1959 yearbook commented about the water fountains that worked, having working heat, science labs, and a senior lounge in the new school. The principal for the first year in the new school was John J. McCormick and there were twelve high school faculty for the student enrollment of over 150. The high school had its first cheerleaders and the basketball team played against Spanish teams. The school newspaper was now called the Toro Tribune and the mascot was Toros. The school colors were red and black.

There is a picture of the school on pages 2–3 in the 1959-60 yearbook, Taurus. There were fourteen faculty members and about 200 students at the school. The school had its first music teacher and a chorus of thirty-two students. Extracurricular sports included basketball teams for boys and girls and cheerleaders. Activities included the yearbook, newspaper, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club and clubs for science, library, and photography.

For the 1960-61 school year, Wylie Brownlee was the assistant principal and the faculty had increased to eighteen. There were 119 students in grades nine through twelve and 123 in the junior high grades. A new library was completed. The school had a lettermen’s club, Varsity “S”, and a chapter of the National Honor Society. Flag football, tennis, baseball, and softball were added as sports. The school had an orchestra of eleven students and a student band, “The Pastels”.

Highlights of the 1961-62 school year were having tackle football, new black and red uniforms, and playing home football games in a stadium in Seville. There were now 260 students in the school. The chorus had trips to Jerez, Cordoba, and Madrid for performances. The school had an Academic Fair and new clubs included a French Club and Future Teachers of America.

Mr. Ernest Morgan was the principal for the 1966-67 school year. There were over 380 students enrolled and twenty-four faculty members. The school now had a drill team with over thirty members from grades seven through twelve. Wrestling and track were added as competitive sports. The band and chorus programs continued to grow, and a drama program had begun. The next school year the school performed the play, “I Remember Mama”, and an AV Club was started. There were over 450 students enrolled.

By the 1968-69 school year, the school administrators were Clement Peterpaul and A. Caro. The faculty had grown to twenty-seven, and the enrollment was about 400. Mr. Oakley McEachern became the assistant principal for the 1969-70 school year. The enrollment was over 500 students in grades seven through twelve.

According to student Steve Tuliano, a special event for the school was Seville beating the Madrid football team 14-12 for the first time in 1969. Madrid was a Class A school and Seville was a Class C school. That same school year the basketball team was undefeated and won the All-Europe Division Championship.

Another extra special event for the school was the arrival of dormitory students. Students felt that rules were changed, and the base atmosphere became more relaxed. Additionally, there were more students for classmates and friends.

The last yearbook for the school was the 1970 edition. The school was closed at the end of the 1971-72 school year.

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