Sevilla ES/MS (formerly Moron ES) History

Opened: 1955

Seville Elementary School is located on Moron Air Base about eight miles from the base of Moron de la Frontera and is a kindergarten through eighth grade school. Nearby is the Spanish city of Seville. The school is a one-story building on the base. It has classroom spaces and a library with a small stage. Adjoining the school is a play area with swings, slides, and seesaws.

From its beginning in 1955 the school has been a small school with as few as two classroom teachers. In the 1980’s the school enrollment was between twenty-five and thirty-five students. The staff consisted of one teacher-principal, one teacher, a host nation teacher who was also the librarian and clerk, and a kindergarten/aide/substitute teacher.

The Host Nation instructor teaches Spanish to the entire student body and the Host Nation curriculum includes study trips to expose the students to the Spanish culture. Since its beginning, the school has had a large group of parent and military volunteers who support the school’s activities and enrich the curriculum.

The school mascot is the Wolves, and the school colors are blue and gray.

During the 1990’s the enrollment remained about thirty students. The staffing was now a teacher-principal, two classroom teachers, a host nation/secretary/media technician, and a part-time educational technician. There were combination classes for all grades, and the teaching principal usually taught the upper grades.

In 2021-22 there were thirty-two students in the school. The school administrator was Dr. Tabetha Ware. The active-duty dependent students are on a controlled tour of two years with their sponsor. The current school is grouped into four classes: full-day kindergarten/first grades, second/third grades, fourth/fifth grades, and sixth/seventh/eight grades. Classes are taught by eight full-time and half-time staff members.

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