Wiesbaden Dependent School (formerly Lahnstrasse Schule) History

Opened: 1947
Closed: 1951

According to the first Wiesbaden High School yearbook:

The Lahnstrasse Schule, now known as the Wiesbaden Dependents School, was formerly a German Public School for boys and girls, between the ages of six and fourteen. Subjects such as history, science, numbers, writing and cooking were taught. The construction of the building was begun before the first World War, but was not completed until later. During the past war the school was damaged only slightly.

This building was taken over by our government and officially opened in October, 1946 as an American school for dependent children of the Wiesbaden Community. It was not until January, 1948, though, that high school facilities were available. The lunch rooms occupy the first floor, the grade school and office, the second and the third the high school. Although the American system of education differs from the German, we have been able to adapt the school to our needs. We have found many of the features of the building satisfactory and the education of Wiesbaden dependent children has not suffered from the disadvantage of a poor physical plant.

When the new schools were built in the Hainerberg Housing Area, the school on Lahnstrasse was closed.

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