Patch MS History

Opened: 2015

Patch Middle School, grades six to eight, is one of five Department of Defense schools serving the students of military and civilian personnel living and working in Stuttgart, Germany. Patch Middle School was born out of two area schools, Böblingen Elementary Middle School and Robinson Barracks Elementary Middle School, with the express purpose of addressing the specific needs of middle school learners.

After several years of planning, in 2015 district and military partners introduced the first freestanding middle school in the Stuttgart community. The teachers assigned to the school had been serving the same population of students from separate locations, and the move was made to centralize resources and course offerings to provide a richer experience for students. Course offerings could now be expanded to better serve the unique and traditional needs of middle school students. The middle school program has added higher levels of technical courses such as Environmental Science, Robotics, and Computer Programming, and has provided small learning communities to personalize relationships between students and teachers.

Patch Middle School is designed around the collaborative teaming model. Grade level teams of core subject areas encourage active participation of students. The school master schedule supports common planning and teaming time for each grade level.

Approximately thirty percent of Patch Middle School students are new to the community each year, and the school is committed to providing programs to make the school a stabilizing force. Some programs to provide this stabilization are the Ambassador’s Club, small teams, after school activities, counseling services, and direct mentoring of students. Part of every student’s schedule is an 80-minute block every other day for advisory families to work on social and academic growth.

The school mascot is the Wolf, and the school colors are grey and red.

For the 2022-23 school year the administrators were principal Mr. Shawn Knudsen and assistant principal Ms. Evelyn Norwood. There were just over 600 students enrolled in the middle school.


Information from school website and internet resources

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