Munich ES #2, Alabama Kaserne History

Opened: after 1954
Closed: 1965

Munich Elementary School #2 was on the Alabama Kaserne. The school was in an old warehouse building that had been converted into a school. The students were dependents of military members who were assigned to Warner Kaserne. The school had kindergarten through seventh grade.

There was a bombed-out house that sat in the middle of the playground with one small bit of yellow tape wrapped around it to keep students from exploring the area. On one side of the playground was a Mercedes Benz factory or dealership. There were cars parked along the chain link fence that bordered the school. However, by 1965 the Mercedes Benz logo, the “peace sign”, was a popular item, and the hood ornaments began to disappear from the cars along the fence. The cars were then backed in to prevent the theft of the hood ornaments.

The school colors were black and gold, and the school mascot was the eagle.


Information from a former student, Jennifer Anne Jacoby Trippeer

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