M├╝nchweiler ES History

Opened: 1970
Closed: 1975

Muenchweiler American Elementary School was an annex school for Pirmasens. It was located about five miles up the hill from the main school in a housing area that contained five buildings, one officers’ quarters, and four NCA family billets. In the housing complex, there was also a duplex and a single home occupied by the hospital commander. The two-room school building had classrooms for a first and second grade. The third grade was in a separate building. Since there weren’t any facilities other than the classrooms, all the students walked home for lunch and returned for the afternoon classes.

The military mission of the facility was to receive medical supplies to be used throughout Germany. The hospital was mothballed but the facility housed the medical and dental service for all of the Pirmasens area.

Information provided by Jan Bohm

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