Ramstein Family School History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1957

Ramstein Family School was the first school on Ramstein Air Base. (The Air Force called its first schools Family Schools, and the Army called them Dependent Schools.) The school facility was built as a school and became part of Ramstein Elementary School.

The principal for all three years that the school was called a Family School was Sanford M. Bale. The assistant principals for the 1956-57 school year were Charles W. Jenkins and Mary Elizabeth Carlson. There were fifty-nine classroom teachers and eleven support personnel or specialists.

When the school opened, there were 1,103 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Two years later, the enrollment had increased to about 1,300 students. The yearbook was called “Ramanac” and covered all grades at the school.

The school had a sports program that included soccer and basketball. Other activities at the school were a student council, girls’ chorus, a mixed choir, and a bowling club. The square dance club was called “Flaring Skirts and Cowboy Shirts”.


Information from school yearbooks

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