Pirmasens Elementary/Middle School History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1997

In 1952 the first building for the Pirmasens American School was built. The school was located on Husterhoeh Kaserne. When opened, the school served students in grades K-6. Several years later grades 7-9 were added. As the population in Pirmasens expanded additional space was needed to accommodate the increasing number of students. In 1977 the newest addition to the school was constructed. In 1984, again due to increased enrollment a building was leased on the economy. The building, known as the Pirmasens American School Annex, was located at #69 Adam Mueller Strasse. It had ten classes, five grade three and five grade four classes.

During the 1993-94 school year the school had three separate building in the Pirmasens military housing area. In addition, there were two classrooms at Muenchweiler, six miles from the main building. In later years Pirmasens Elementary Junior High School was a K-9 grade school with an average enrollment of 1100 students. Its school colors were red and white, and the school mascot was the Pirmasaurus dinosaur.

Students and teachers at Pirmasens ES/JHS were very proud of their school. There were several clubs and activities including beginning band, intermediate band, school chorus, junior high newspaper staff, elementary school newspaper staff, and National Honor Society. For several years, the school hosted a career day program. Numerous professionals, military and civilian from various career fields planned and provided presentations for the students.  Pirmasens was the only school known to have a petting zoo. The school had a small courtyard in the main building with a glass enclosed atrium that housed rabbits, a goat, and occasionally, even a donkey.  The principal, Mr. Joel Zuckerman, sponsored a club called “Feathers, Fins and Fur”. The students in the club learned how to take care of the animals and maintain the animal habitat. Students loved being able to visit the “zoo”.

When teachers and administrators reflect on memorable events at the school, sure to surface is the time that teachers made a YouTube video “We are the World”.

Pirmasens’ students participated in numerous school study trips that were culturally and educational beneficial. One extraordinary one was the 8th grade trip to Amsterdam. Prior to the trip students read the book Anne Frank. While in Amsterdam they visited the Anne Frank House and were extremely fortunate to meet Miep Gies, the Dutch woman who helped the Anne Frank family and others in hiding. Other notable study trips include Christkindel Markts, the Berwartstein Castle, and Burg Trifels.

Former School Administrators include JJ O’Flynn, Principal, John Romeo, Principal, Joel Zuckerman who served as principal and assistant Principal (off base site grades 4-6). Assistant principals include Barbara Axton, MS, Jack O’Reilly, Jim Harrison, Dr. Ann Bridge, Bob Taylor, and Debbie Brooks EPM.

The middle school closed in 1994. The elementary school closed in 1997.

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