Idar-Oberstein ES History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 2015

Idar-Oberstein American Elementary School was situated on Stassburg Kaserne and was located about fifteen miles from the large Baumholder Army Post, seventy miles southwest of Wiesbaden, and thirty-six miles northwest of the large Kaiserslautern/Ramstein Complex.

The school consisted of seven classrooms, a media center, music room, host nation room, supply room, and administrative offices. In 1981-82, there were six elementary teachers, a principal, one kindergarten teacher, a media/music specialist, and a host nation culture teacher. The entire staff, including the administrator, was twelve people. The school enrollment, consisting of kindergarten through sixth grade, was 175 students.

By the 1987-88 school year, the enrollment at the school had increased to over 220 students, in kindergarten through six. By the mid-nineties the enrollment had decreased to 160 students.

The school was closed in 2015.


Information from DoD School Information Guides

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