Frankfurt ES History

Opened: 1946
Closed: 1995

Frankfurt Elementary School opened in September 1946, with 68 students from grades 1-6 and kindergarten in the school located on Fuerstenberger Strasse. This school was in the middle of the Abrams military compound. At the time the compound was fenced in from Adickes Alle, to Dornbush Strasse, up to Grueneburg Park. The children were taken by buses to the school from the military compounds at Hoechst and Bad Homburg. The students went for lunch in the Abrams building which at that time was called the IG Farben building. Later, the school was enlarged with the Elizabethen Schule, and a cafeteria was installed in the basement. Students from K-8 were in this school.

When the new housing areas of Platen, Huegel, and Von Steuben were built, a new school was also built. This was the final Frankfurt Elementary School. At that time Frankfurt Elementary was the most modern school in Frankfurt. In September 1953, this school opened its doors to students K-8. The children walked to school from nearby housing areas and were transported by buses from Oberursel, Bad Homburg, Hoechst, Fischstein, and Roedelheim. The school had a large cafeteria, where the children and teachers had a hot lunch. In 1953, the Atterberry School was also opened. Frankfurt Elementary School was closed in 1995.

Information from a speech given by Jolly (Jolan) Boehm at the closing ceremony for FES, May 18, 1995

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