Hessen Hütte Outdoor Education Center History

Opened: 1988
Closed: 1990

DoDD-G Education Center, the Hessen Huette, was located 4.5 miles from the Lincoln Village. The Darmstadt Outdoor Education Center offered four basic programs: Darmstadt Outdoor Education Center Programs, Uniquely Located Programs, Single Day Program, and Teacher Weekends. Activities included such things as an adventure ropes course, overnight camping, initiatives, hiking, nature study, astronomy, designing and building energy projects, and soil and water sampling and study.

At the Huette, students are offered both shelter and cooking facilities as they are introduced to and participated in new outdoor education experiences. For programs that involved overnights, fifth grade was the minimum age group allowed.

The programs at the center included:

  • Three Day Program – The 3-day program offered by the Hessen Huette involved two overnights at the Huette. Overnight camping was a possibility. Activities included ropes courses, orienteering, nature hikes, rock climbing, bicycling and cross-country skiing.

  • Two Day Program – This program consisted of one overnight and was similar in most aspects to the three-day program. The ropes course was not an option unless an early arrival was scheduled.

  • One day Program – The one-day program at Hessen Huette could involve any of the activities conducted on the site and did not include an overnight.


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