Aukamm ES History

Opened: 1961

Aukamm American Elementary School was part of the Wiesbaden Military Community. The elementary school served the children who lived in the Aukamm housing area. Wiesbaden is the capital of the state of Hessen, located thirty-eight kilometers northwest of Frankfurt, Germany. The base was originally an air base for the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

The school mascot is the Aukamm Bear, and the school colors are blue and gold. The school song and cheers are:

School Song

What makes Aukamm special?

What makes Aukamm grand?

Because we go to school here in this German Land.

We’re proud to be at Aukamm

So, give ourselves a hand!!!


School Cheers


A is for awesome

U is for us,

K is for kids who say no to drugs!

A is for achievement

M is for memories

M for more for us to explore!

Aukamm is the place to be,

Our friendships make us proud.

Aukamm is the school for me,

We are the Aukamm crowd!

We’re so proud to be at Aukamm,

So, shout it once out loud!


For the 1987-88 school year Aukamm Elementary had 450 students in grades K–5. The high school and middle school students from the housing area attended school at Wiesbaden Middle and High Schools. The school had thirteen elementary teachers, a special education teacher, a host nation teacher, a counselor, a speech therapist, a reading improvement specialist, a nurse, a physical education teacher, a librarian, a principal, and clerical/support personnel. The school also received services from the Wiesbaden Guidance Center. Aukamm was located in a modern building with eighteen classrooms, a media center, and a small auditorium.

By the 1993-94 school year, the school enrollment had decreased to approximately 300 due to the drawdown of the military in Europe.

Aukamm received the 2014 Blue Ribbon Award as an exemplary, high-performing school.

The 102nd Signal Brigade volunteered at the school as mentors and computer club support. They also volunteered at many activities held at or by the school.

Currently, Aukamm Elementary School has 182 students in grades kindergarten through five. The principal for the 2022-23 school year is Mrs. Angelia Hadley. There are eleven classes consisting of two classes in each grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade. Additional enrichment classes include art, Host Nation, music, physical education, media center instruction, and technology. Instructional specialists are in areas of reading, math, gifted education, special education, speech/language, and English as a Second Language. Aukamm has a full-time school nurse, counselor, and an itinerant school psychologist. Students can participate in student council, sewing and crafting, art club, gardening club, drama club, cooking club and music club.

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