Wertheim ES History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1992

Wetheim American Elementary School was located on the American post near Wertheim, Germany.

The elementary school was located in the housing area on post. The school consisted of the main building which had five classrooms, a media center, faculty lounge, resource specialist room, school office, supply office and a supply storage room. In the immediate area surrounding the main building were three prefabricated buildings containing five classrooms. The kindergarten was located on the opposite side of the post. The playground was limited to a small area in front of the school. The school used the post gym for physical education classes. Additional resource services were furnished to the school by the Education Resource Center in Wuerzburg.

For the 1989-90 school year, Wertheim Elementary had a new main building with six classrooms, a media center, multi-purpose room, cafeteria, offices, and a specialists’ room. A newly renovated primary building, including a nurse’s office, conference room, supply office and six K-2 classrooms was located approximately 700 meters away. An additional kindergarten classroom was located down the street. Two prefabricated classrooms near the primary building housed the specialists for the primary students.

In 1981 there were ten teachers for the 300 students. During the 1986-87 school year the enrollment increased, and two classes were located in a German school approximately five minutes from the post. A learning resource teacher and host nation teacher were assigned to the school and other specialists provided services on a part-time basis. By the 1990s there were almost 350 students at the school.

Students in grades 7-12 were bussed to Wuerzburg high school which was a forty-five-minute drive.

The school was closed in 1992.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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