Robinson Barracks ES (formerly ES/MS; Stuttgart Dep School, ES/JHS) History

Opened: 1950

Robinson Barracks Elementary School is located atop a large hill overlooking the northern edge of Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart is home to the headquarters of two major commands. There are five military bases in Stuttgart – Patch Barracks, Kelley Barracks, Panzer Kaserne, Robinson Barracks, and the Army Airfield. Robinson Barracks is fifteen to twenty miles from the other four installations. Over eighty percent of the current students are bused to school with some traveling as far as forty kilometers away (about seventy minutes travel time).

Soon after the end of World War II in 1945, Robinson Barracks was utilized as an Internee Camp and displaced persons’ camps, operated by the United Nations Refugee Relief Association and the International Refugee Organization. The installation was then taken over by the US Army, and Robinson Barracks was the seat of the US Military Logistical Support Headquarters for the Stuttgart area until 1993. Several new structures, such as schools, a shopping center, a chapel, and a theater were added to Robinson Barracks to meet the needs of the US Forces in the area.

While the land on Robinson Barracks formerly served as a training area, the need for US dependent housing made it necessary to use a portion of the site for the construction of apartment buildings. Ten construction phases, carried out from 1950 to 1957, developed the Robinson Barracks housing area.

The original school was called Stuttgart Dependent School. The school was opened in 1950. The principal for the 1954-55 school year was Evelyn Reeves, and there were over 2,100 kindergarten through ninth graders in the Stuttgart community.

By the eighties, Stuttgart Elementary/Junior High School was described as an older school building with fifty-four classrooms, gymnasium, audio-visual rooms, teachers’ lounges, library, and cafeteria. Included in the staff for the 1981-82 school year were a special education teacher, a reading improvement specialist, a school nurse, a learning development teacher, a speech therapist, and a learning resource specialist. The school also had a handicapped center which included staff members for special education, handicapped, gifted, and English as a Second Language. There were fifty-four teachers for the 1,050 students in grades kindergarten through nine.

By the mid-nineties, the name of the school became Robinson Barracks Elementary School, and the school now had grades kindergarten through sixth grade with 660 students. The school had been renovated and served exceptional children in the Greater Stuttgart military community.

In August 2006, Robinson Barracks Elementary School became a kindergarten through eight school and was named Robinson Barracks Elementary/Middle School. In August 2015, the middle school moved from Robinson Barracks to Patch Barracks, and Robinson Barracks Elementary School became a kindergarten to five school.

The school’s enrollment for the 2020s is approximately 280 students with twenty-five faculty and staff. Included in the staff are a principal, an administrative officer, a counselor, a school psychologist, a speech-language pathologist, a math training coach, and a reading support specialist.

The school’s colors are red and black, and the mascot is the Bulldog.

The principal for the 2022-23 school year was Lisa Bell, and the school enrollment was 252 students in K–5.


Information from DoD School Information Guides and school yearbooks

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