Straubing ES History

Opened: 1947
Closed: 1965

Straubing American Elementary School was located on Mansfield Kaserne in Lower, Bavaria, Germany and opened in 1947. It was an army/air base that was part of the Regensberg Command and was home to armored cavalry regiments.

The school had grades one through eight. High school students went to school in Munich and stayed in the five-day dorms.

The building was “L” shaped with the 7/8 grade classroom at the top of the “L”. The principal’s office was near the front door. The school was along the perimeter of the post across the fence from a German farm. Physical education classes were conducted by two military members who also oversaw the AYA, American Youth Activities.

During the 1957-58 school year there were five students in the eighth grade and fourteen students in the seventh grade. About fifteen students lived on the economy and were bussed to school with the oldest student in charge. In 1964, there were combined classes and a teacher/principal.

The school closed in 1965.

Information provided by Bo Phyu, former student

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