Sögel ES History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 1992

Soegel American Elementary School was located 120 miles southwest of Bremerhaven near the towns of Meppen and Cloppenberry. The school was a brick building with three large classrooms, one small kindergarten classroom, library, office and teachers’ lounge. In 1981 the school had three full-time teachers, one teacher principal, two educational aides, one host nation teacher/library clerk, and one secretary/supply clerk.

The school’s enrollment for the 1981-82 school year was fifty students in grades K-8. The classes consisted of a multigrade kindergarten, first and second grade combination, third through fifth grade combination, and a sixth through eighth grade combination. By school year 1987-88 the enrollment was between sixty and eighty students and staffing was increased by a half-time kindergarten teacher and a special education teacher and aide. Staffing varied from year to year based on enrollment and student needs.

The school was closed in 1992.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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