Ramstein ES (formerly Ramstein ES-N and ES-S) History

Opened: 1957

Ramstein Elementary School is in the Europe East School District. It currently serves about 800 students in grades Sure Start through grade 2. The student population is made up of dependents of American military, Department of Defense civilians, and NATO personnel. The school is located on Ramstein Air Base in the Rhineland-Pfalz Palatinate in Germany. The school is located in a residential area of Ramstein Air Base.

As Ramstein Family School grew, it was split into Ramstein Elementary North and Ramstein Elementary South. By the 1961 school year, the two schools were combined and became Ramstein Elementary School. The new elementary school had grades kindergarten through six. A junior high school was opened for grades seven through nine.

The school colors are green and white, and the mascot is Kelly Koala.

In 1981-82, Ramstein Elementary School was described as a large complex, consisting of three main buildings and several relocatable classrooms. Ramstein Elementary was staffed with seventy-five classroom teachers—kindergarten through six, physical education, art, music, speech therapist, four learning development teachers, two Education Resource specialists, two reading improvement specialists, two counselors, two nurses, six host nation teachers, and four administrators, as well as supply and secretarial personnel. There were 2,200 students enrolled.

The enrollment remained stable through the 1994-95 school year when it dropped to 2,100 students.

The current campus includes six buildings, and the main entrance is in Building 996.

The school offers a wide range of academic programs including physical education, music, German culture—also known as Host Nation Class, and art.

The principal for the 2022-23 school year is Natalie Horne and the assistant principals are Elizabeth Roybal and Dr. Brandi Howard.


Information from DoD School Information Guides and school website

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